About Us

novoShield brings industry-leading cyber security to your mobile devices, so you can work, play, and connect - fearlessly.

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Our Story

At the Frontlines of Cyber-Operations

Our founders met serving in the digital trenches of the world’s most elite cyber-military units. From those frontlines, they witnessed the brutal strength of technology. After developing world-changing code to defend national interests and safeguard international infrastructures, they decided to channel their expertise to protect everyday users across the globe.

From InfoSec to iPhone

Deeper research revealed the average user’s greatest digital vulnerability – their mobile devices. Our phones are entrusted with every detail of our lives and businesses, but are outfitted only the most rudimentary protection.

We spend our days swiping, tapping, and sharing with little awareness of the constant threats poised at our fingertips.

Introducing novoShield

And so novoShield was founded with a simple mission: to protect everyone, everywhere with the world’s most innovative and effective mobile cybersecurity.

novoShield leverages decades of experience at the cutting-edge of cyberwarfare to protect users from one of the world’s most troubling and rapidly evolving security threats: phishing.

Effortless Security for Everyone

novoShield is guided by the belief that protection should be easy to manage and available to everyone – not just enterprise corporations.

That’s why we built a new layer of advanced digital security so affordable that it’s within reach of every user, and so accessible that you can download it from the App Store.

Meet the Team

Our team doesn’t wear capes and only occasionally puts their underwear on over their tights, but they are superheroes nonetheless. From the front lines of cyber intelligence to the forefront of mobile technology, the novoShield team is united in its commitment to security for all.