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A Tempting Target

Our phones carry records of our private and professional lives, yet still remain a hacker's most accessible point of attack.

Usernames & Passwords

Hackers use fake text messages to bypass your accounts’ security, costing you access to your email, bank account, social media, and more.

Photos & Media

Your most private messages and most intimate images can be stolen and ransomed from your phone with just a single wrong click.

Finances & Identity

With identify theft and cybertheft on the rise, your phone has become the hacker’s favorite target. The damage caused can take years to repair.
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rise in SMS-based attacks

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Americans are worried they're next

If you’ve ever clicked on a deceptive link, you’re not alone. 1 in 3 Americans fell victim to phishing attacks last year.

With over 1.4 million new webpages set up each month, the Internet has become a minefield of digital threats.

The World’s Only Mobile Defense

novoShield’s innovative cyberprotection means that you no longer need to choose between convenience and security. Keep your life on your phone. We’ve got your back.

for All

The only app designed to protect the mobile devices of all users – individuals, families, and businesses.


novoShield does not slow your device or drain your battery. Work, play, and connect without compromise.


Your inbox is just one vulnerability. novoShield protects your entire mobile experience, so you’re always secure online, no matter the app.


novoShield fades into the background until it’s needed, so you can focus on the work (or play) at hand with total peace of mind.

Advanced cybersecurity
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