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novoShield is a mobile anti-phishing app that prevents you from opening malicious websites through links received in messages, emails, and social channels. It protects you from identity theft; it prevents unauthorized entry into your bank account; it protects your social profiles against malicious use and your electronic wallet against theft; and it prevents hacking attacks using links in emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages, QR codes, and more.
novoShield is the first company to offer industry standard protection to your phone without slowing it down – as do VPNs and antivirus programs. novoShield represents decades of experience from the military trenches of live breaching detection and control, specifically targeting phishing activities. Available on iOS Safari browsers, novoShield offers mobile browsing-security at a level that until now was only available through sophisticated enterprise cyber-security systems. Instead of seeing the user’s device as another company endpoint, novoShield is a stand-alone app that helps protect the individual against malicious websites.
novoShield appears on your browser page as an icon, letting you know if a website is safe. It doesn’t slow you down, as a VPN does, and it does not interfere in your surfing or other activities. The job of a VPN is to mask your identity within a virtual network, allowing you to surf the internet anonymously. It will not prevent you from entering a dangerous website; nor can it prevent you from entering your personal information there – a process that is entirely manual. novoShield scans websites as they load to prevent your accessing a malicious site. It does not care about your identity, nor does it record your activity.

Antiviruses warn against viruses. However, Apple makes a very secured phone and, consequently, the chances of getting a virus while using the web normally are quite slim. And yet, an antivirus cannot prevent you from manually entering your data into a fake website that mimics Google, DHL, Fedex, your bank, or any other service you’ve subscribed to. Hence the only protection you really need on your iPhone is against phishing and malicious websites – those through which a scammer will endanger you, your system and your data.

novoShield was established by a team of cybersecurity professionals from the digital trenches of the world’s elite cyber-military units. They’re well aware of the brutal strength of technology. And, after developing world-changing code to defend national interests and safeguard international infrastructures, they decided to channel their expertise to defend “regular” users across the globe. novoShield is registered at 651 N Broad St, Suite 206, Middletown, Delaware 19709, USA, with R&D facilities in Israel.

Protection & Technology

novoShield does not store any data about your browsing activity. We do not NEED your data, we do not SELL your data, nor do we need to understand your browsing activity. The novoShield app examines the website you have called upon AS IT LOADS. It scans the site and its characteristics to detect whether it is malicious and – if so – to warn you.

No, novoShield cannot access or record any data or text you enter. We do not need it to examine the veracity of a website.

NO! Except for our clients’ email addresses, malicious URLs you’ve visited and general app-usage statistics, novoShield does not access or store your private data or general activities. Any data we acquire, we will never share with, sell to, or profit from through any third party.
When novoShield is operating, you will see a small novoShield icon on your browser. It will also alert you if a site is deceptive, blocking it and providing you with proper guidelines – especially if you venture to provide such a site with your personal information. For verified websites that are safe, you will see an on-screen indicator in real time telling you the site is safe.
novoShield will warn you any time an unverified site is about to open and block it. It also indicates when a site is safe, with an onscreen real-time indicator.
novoShield does not scan your device. In fact, you can rest assured that iOS’s secured environment does not enable apps to scan your device or invade your privacy. novoShield simply scans URLs in order to detect malicious websites.
After novoShield completes installation, you will be directed to open your Safari browser to activate the novoShield browser extension. You will then be able to see the novoShield main page, which informs you that your device is protected, and also displays the running count of scanned websites.
novoShield’s ADMIN Center is where the business manager (or novoShield account administrator) can manage their account subscriptions. They can add and/or remove devices, change their subscription plan access invoices, and more.
At present, novoShield only works on Apple iPhones.
At present, novoShield works with iOS Safari browsers.
novoShield requires iOS 15 and above to operate optimally.
At this stage, novoShield works on iPhones using a Safari browser.

Account & Permissions

You can download novoShield from the App Store in the US.

You can try novoShield free for a 7-day trial period. For exact pricing after the free 7-day trial period, please check on the App Store or else contact us for corporate deals.

novoShield offers two account levels – Individual and Business. The Individual account offers comprehensive anti-phishing protection for individual mobile devices – something that until now you could only receive if your employer added your device to the company security system. The Business account enables you to add as many additional devices to your account – all under one admin pane – which enables you, the group administrator, to add or delete devices and ensure your entire team enjoys the security and protection of novoShield.

No, you do not need to provide a credit card number for your free trial period.

Yes. An annual subscription lowers your subscription fee drastically: instead of $6.99 per month, you will be paying $53.99 for the entire year – that’s $4.50 per month – a 35% discount on the monthly rate.

Yes. You can request a cancellation at any time and we will simply not renew your subscription.
The novoShield app installs a Safari browser extension whose task is to protect you in real-time from malicious websites and provide important notifications. It does this without affecting your browser’s speed or performance in any way. novoShield requires your permission to install the extension.
Problems, feedback, or friendly chatter – we’d love to hear from you. You can email us or use our website’s contacts page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

novoShield for Teams

You can add as many users as you would like – the more the merrier.
Individual accounts pay via their App Store account. Businesses pay through the Admin Center using Credit Card using Stripe – one of the most secure and trusted payment processing services in the industry.
Yes, you can add and/or remove seats during membership.
Yes, you welcome to invite your team members during the trial period. If you need more time to evaluate as a result, please let us know and we’ll happily extend your trial period.